Nutrition a strong start on cancer journey


During my recent studies of Chronic Diseases , I found that Cancer in particular had the least amount of education for patients within its medical system. This is extremely disappointing when we live in the age of limitless information that has been scientifically proven.
Cancer patients once they are in the medical system are rushed into a typical regime of treatments without education on basic nutrition to give them a strong start on their journey. I expected they would not be offered information or treatment on so-called “Alternative therapy’s “ .
Alternative therapies that may include metabolic treatments, Plant based nutrition, immunotherapy, Electromagnetic and energy-based, Spiritual and mental healing .
I interviewed Cancer patients, Nurses and oncologist, also my family members who have been through this journey. I ask them about their treatments and the nutritional advice they were offered after diagnosis .
It was shocking to hear not one single person was offered any advice on Nutrition or even asked what foods they consume on a daily basis.
Numerous cancers are directly caused from insufficient nourishment of the body. This is why it should be a major question that is asked in order to prepare patients and their bodies for any sort of treatments that effect the immune functions. Asking life style questions will give us enough information to put the patient on the right path to health and recovery.
Consuming food of little or no nutritional value will not help the treatments they are given if the body does not have the right fuel to help repair the damaged regions or protect them from further damage.
I was saddened to hear an oncologist say “ nutrition is rubbish , a piece of broccoli can’t fix this” . One piece of broccoli might not fix this problem but it will go a long way to help as opposed to drinking cola or sugary foods that add to an already serious situation.
Educating the medical staff on nutrition and its role in chronic disease is the best way to move forward, it was made clear to from the medical staff themselves that they are not trained or have little knowledge in Therapeutic nutrition.
There seems to be a science vs the natural heath sector disagreement , why does that have to be the way ? Surely we can incorporate them both for sake of patients with cancer. At the very least to not be judgmental of which course of action the patient takes, whether its chemo/radiation or all natural or a combination. We need to be giving all the information on both sides of the coin, so that we can bring them to the right choice for their situation. When all is said and done it’s the cancer patients that are the most important factor in this debate.