Tips on helping your children with Autism get through the eating maze

I have 3 children with Autism and getting them to eat foods that are not in their sensory range can be a long stressful journey. Here are some tips that I have used over the years …

Often I see articles on foods that help with Autism symptoms , its wonderful information and lovely to know there are people trying to help. However it is almost impossible to make a child on the spectrum eat foods that are not in there sensory safety zone ! Last week my daughter spent 24 hours in her room under a blanket because I cut her sandwiches in the wrong shape. You can try and try but it is like going to battle with a brick wall . In order for the nutritional recommendations to work they need to eat the foods recommended consistently to get the benefits, this is a catch 22 situation.
Punishing the child will not work, generally because they don’t understand why you are punishing them and they can’t change this behaviour under stressful situations. Bribing may work for only a little while. Making eating a positive experience Is the best way to go while they are still young , when they are older you may be able to reason with them but don’t hold your breath.

I have a few tips that help me along the way :

• Hide liquid vitamins in there food.
• Use Vitamins that are shaped as gummy bears as decoration on the food, hide the bottle after though.
• Use their senses to entice them to eat, smell the food, feel the food, get them to put it on their lips.
• Never pressure them to eat the food.
• Place the food near them and walk away without saying anything.