Out of the darkness into the light…. My Story

Out of the Darkness & Into the light is how I felt after my long journey to find self love

I was asked all day about how I ended up going down  this path so I’m briefly going to tell you. Although this story starts off sad it has a happy ending to look forward too. I grew up in a world of addicts , narcissist , criminals and liars and I felt like there with no safe places to hide. I went from school to school in fact I stopped counting at 31, so please excuse any spelling mistakes. My back story can rival any novelist imagination ! However it’s the  life altering years I’m focusing on today. I used to ask myself questions like why are people mean to me and why don’t they see the real me or hear what I’m saying. Also I was thinking that ” I must have done something terrible in my last life to deserve this “ , why am I even here ?

Turns out I was asking the wrong questions , one day driving to the gym ( I’ve always been a gym girl ) after i had gone through another bad relationship where the person did a another horrible thing , I finely asked the right questions . why do I believe the lies? , what am I doing that keeps this pattern happing?  That’s when I started looking for the right answers which lead me to YouTube & Lisa A Romano (Lisa is a life coach ) popped up in my feed that lead me to the mindvalley app who I found Lisa Nichols ( motivator) & Marisa  Peer ( Therapist ) …..  on the right path finely. This path wasn’t easy I worked at it every day & nights  for that matter. I turned away the people who didn’t really cared for me and made room to find myself. I didn’t know who I was , how could I when toxic people tell your dumb , ugly and useless . Once you start becoming self-aware and getting the knowledge you need to fill your mind with new directions the body follows, put good things in to make good things happen. Healthy food, workout , meditation. I started to wonder what to do with the rest of my life now that I knew I had one ,my mentors say to follow your passion ! What was my passion though ?

Often my family & people would say to me “all that exercise will wear out  your body & you should eat real  food or you will get sick eating only plants “. This insight was coming from people who ate fried food and never exercise. The same ones I take care of everyday because they are sick from bad lifestyle choices. So at 48 I went and studied Nutrition  so I could prove them wrong by having a piece of paper saying I’m right. Instead that paper showed me that nutrition is my passion ! The happy ending is that I am bursting with energy and ready to go  forward to live the possibility’s I dreamed of as a child . I want to share what I have learned with you in case there is somebody else asking the same questions I was. Back to the blueberries, eat lots they are good for you.

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