Canadian Ojibwa tribe’s “Tea of Life” used as anti cancer treatment .

Canadian Ojibwa tribe’s “Tea of Life” used as anti cancer treatment .

Essiac is a herbal tea mixture that has been used for anticancer treatments over the last 100 years . Essiac was has been used to treat other conditions including diabetes, AIDS, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Essiac Tea is said to put cancer into remission , I have added the recipe below, if you prefer you can also buy essiac tea readymade versions online. I personally like om harmonics essiac tea,

Essiac tea mixture originally was used by the Canadian Ojibwa tribe, the “tea of life” was used by Nurse Caisse and given to her patients in the 1920s. Patients who were told there was no hope by their doctors or unable to pay for treatments were able to beat their cancer using the tea.

In 1934, nurse Caisse opened a cancer clinic in Ontario and gave Essiac tea to her patients free of charge. Nurse Caisse closed the clinic in 1942 , then continued to give Essiac tea to her patients until the late 1970s.

Side effects

essiac tea can be nausea and vomiting, increased bowel movements, frequent urination, swollen glands, skin blemishes, flu-like symptoms, and slight headaches.

Ingredients of Essiac Tea

Sheep sorrel — this antioxidant-rich herb may assist with targeting cancer cells and lowering risk of cancer development of cancers.

Burdock root — Animal studies showed that burdock root has apoptotic effects on cancerous cells and that the compound called benzaldehyde found in the root helped tumor prevention in animals.

Indian rhubarb root — It has anti-inflammatory properties, and its extract is said to have anticancer properties.

Slippery elm — can aid in reducing inflammation, detoxing the body, helping soothe respiratory infections and cutting through phlegm and mucus.

    Unlike other types of teas, essiac tea doesn’t caffeine, even in trace amounts.

This post is for all my friends & family with cancer.

Essiac Tea Recipe:

1 ½ pounds cut burdock root (Arctium lappa is a natural blood detoxifier)

1 pound powdered sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella is a powerful antioxidant)

¼ pound powdered slippery elm (Ulmus fulva is a powerful antioxidant)

1 ounce powdered Turkish (Indian) rhubarb root (Rheum pamatum is a phytochemical that is naturally astringent, anti-microbial, anti fungal, and anti-inflammatory)

Who Should NOT Use Essiac:

  • People receiving chemotherapy should use Essiac with caution. Always check with an experienced naturopath or herbalist to keep an eye on interactions and detoxification during or after chemotherapy.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should use great care with Essiac tea. Herbs in the tea can cause uterine contractions that could cause preterm labor or miscarriage. While nursing, the herbs will cause toxins to be released into the blood stream that passes into the mother’s milk and into baby.
  • People with kidney and liver problems should consult their doctor before using Essiac.


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